Are You Prepared for an Emergency?

trip32Are you prepared for an emergency? During the last decade there have been many reasons to ask this question. Considering a few of the major disasters that populations have endured, including the 2004 tsunami in Asia and hurricane Katrina in the Southeastern United States, it should be an essential priority to have an emergency plan and supplies ready for that unforeseen disaster. With a little preparation and planning you can be on your way toward adequate emergency preparedness. A few basic things to consider are having an emergency plan, a survival kit, and a long term survival strategy.

Many disasters can occur rapidly and end quickly while others can be long and drawn out. Because you can never be certain what type of disaster you might encounter you should have somewhere you and your family can go if your residence isn’t safe. It would be a good idea to pick a friend or relative as a contact who lives in a different region that everybody in your household can communicate with. Why is this important? Because some disasters like tornadoes and flash floods can catch you by surprise and leave you unable to communicate with family in your local vicinity. Also, your contact can provide you a place to stay if your residence is badly damaged. For more details visit:

When it Comes Time to Pick a Disaster Restoration Company

contactNo one wants to think about the day that their home is soaked by floods, battered by a hurricane, or scorched by flames.  But, if an emergency does strike, you will need a disaster restoration company that’s capable of getting you and your family back on your feet. But, you’re not an emergency expert.  So, how do you tell a good disaster restoration company from a bad one?

A good disaster restoration company does not ask to be paid up front

Quality disaster professionals will work first, and ask you to pay later.  By paying at the end, it encourages the company to get the job done right, and done quickly.  After all, when it comes to disaster restoration services, the faster they can work, the better!

A good disaster restoration company will work with your insurance company

Yes, you will have to file the insurance claim yourself.  However, good disaster restoration experts will work directly with your insurance adjuster to make sure that everything is taken care of.  Together, they can come to a fair price – that doesn’t leave you pay for a bunch of stuff out of pocket.

A good disaster restoration company offers a staff that is licensed, bonded, and insured

It sounds like common sense, but you wouldn’t believe how many phony experts there are running around without the right credentials.  If you wind up with workers that aren’t licensed, bonded, and insured, you can wind with sub-par, shoddy work.  Or, if one of the workers gets hurt working at your home, you could wind up being responsible for his medical bills.

The surviving skill for survive a earthquake disaster

earthquake_143Sometimes,we can jude a disaster base on the animals,and surviving from a disaster like earthquake.
Why animal can recognized an the earthquake before it appears? Because many more animals are have a particularly sensitive to natural disasters, they are better than human can know ahead of the advent of a disaster. Such as on 4 February 1975 haicheng, yingkou happen 7.3 earthquake,but one and a half month before it, the snake unkennel hibernate; Many geese panicked and yell nest, and some are still flying blindly. one or two days before earthquakes the pigs don’t feed, ripping climb a wall, arch. Two days before the earthquake,the puppies disorderly to bite each other,dozens of piggy’s tail are bite off. A black hen on February 4, fly in the tree when the earthquake. A female fish in 20 minutes before Lie troubled, suddenly, and breaching screams. Yingkou a production team with 6 cow, shock front one day, a four cows dozen stay spell Angle, 2 cows desperately to dig its hoof; A group of sika deer brucellosis running rampant, some sudden front squeezed fractures.

The academy and sciences of the pigeons and earthquake relationship have a experimental observation, discover the pigeons between near the tibia peritoneum personal have little body, directed globular than millet return small, about more than 100 star, have nerve connecting, shaped like clusters of grapes. They are sensitive to vibration amplitude ten points, to stimulate the nerve, cause a few microns electric extend. Biological WuLiSuo with 100 dove experiment. Will 50 dove small particles on the legs of excision, another 50 retain only motionless, at 4th level before the quake, the latter surprised fly unceasingly, the former quiet as usual. After resection with that leg particles central nervous lost contact with each other.

This is I have questions about animals, actually the answer from the earthquake in other than human animal also can prophet disaster coming.
Don’t forget, animals have more sensitive than human being,